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OMRON Thermostat Models

Thermostat refers to a series of automatic control elements that generate physical deformations inside the switch according to the temperature change of the working environment, thereby generating certain special effects, and turning on or off. , Temperature controller, referred to as temperature controller. Or the temperature is transmitted to the temperature controller through the temperature protector, and the temperature controller issues a switch command to control the operation of the equipment to achieve the desired temperature and energy saving effect.
The application range of the thermostat is very wide. According to different types of thermostats, it is used in many products such as home appliances, motors, refrigeration or heating.

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OMRON Thermostat Models

Temperature Controllers
These Controllers receive sensor signals and control heaters or other devices to maintain a preset temperature. They can also be used for humidity, pressure, and flowrate control. OMRON also provides temperature and humidity sensors.

XNUMX. General-purpose
OMRON General-purpose Controllers meet a wide range of applications needs for food processing machines, packaging machines, extruders, semiconductor production equipment, and many other areas with high speed, high performance, easy settings, and easy-to-read desplays.
XNUMX x XNUMX mm. Optimize Control by Detecting Status Changes. Easily Satisfy Both Productivity and Quality.
Optimal and automatic temperature control without human intervention easily achieves both productivity and quality.
Previous temperature controllers have not only required a long time for start-up settings and variation adjustments, it has also been difficult to make the optimal adjustments without having experience and intuition. There were therefore some effects on quality.
In response to this situation, OMRON developed temperature controllers that includes "adaptive control technology."
This makes it possible to detect the changes in the status which will have an effect on quality and to automatically control the temperature so that the optimal state is always maintained, in the same way as a skilled worker would.
This frees production sites from troublesome start-up and adjustment work.
Optimize Control by Detecting Status Changes. Easily Satisfy Both Productivity and Quality.
The EXNUMXDC Mounts to DIN Track and Is Ideal for Connections to HMIs and PLCs. It provides the Same Easy Operation and Advanced Performance as the Rest of the EXNUMX[]C Series. Models with Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks Added to Lineup.

 Omron has released a new generation of EXNUMXCC / EXNUMXEC series thermostats. These two series of products use the latest LCD display. The data is displayed in white PV, which greatly enhances the visibility of the displayed data. Compared with the previous products, the operation is simple and the temperature control performance is more excellent. At the same time, it saves space, saves time, and has more intelligent features, which is suitable for more high-level application requirements.
High-contrast display to improve reading accuracy. The compact body design, large display font, can read clearly even in the distance or low light conditions, thus significantly reducing the risk of manual reading errors. At the same time, due to the compact design, the requirements for the installation space in the control cabinet are low (XNUMXmm). Even if the installation space is narrow, it can be easily and quickly implemented by snap-in installation, effectively saving space.
This series of products is equipped with XNUMX buttons, which is very convenient to operate and saves time. This series of products incorporates Omron's PID control patent technology. The accuracy of temperature control and the sampling period of XNUMXms have risen to a new level, and the intelligence is more prominent.

The EXNUMX_Z series of classic products are fully upgraded. They are equipped with XNUMX-line XNUMX-segment LCD display (PV / SV / MV simultaneous display), XNUMXms sampling speed, panel IPXNUMX protection, analog input, manual output and transmission output. The excuse and MODBUS communication are more widely applicable to industries such as plastic machines and food packaging machines.
EXNUMX_Z series
Models with temperature input or analog input are available.
Various functions, including loop open alarm (LBA), manual output, and transmission output.
Simply read the XNUMX-segment display.
Faster sampling speed XNUMX ms.
The setting tool port is provided as a standard feature for simple connection to a personal computer.
OMRON Thermostat Models
Working principle:
Its working principle is to automatically sample and monitor the ambient temperature through the temperature sensor. When the ambient temperature is higher than the control set value, the control circuit starts and the control hysteresis can be set. If the temperature is still rising, when the temperature reaches the set over-limit alarm temperature point, the over-limit alarm function is activated. When the controlled temperature cannot be effectively controlled, in order to prevent the destruction of the device, the device can also be stopped by the trip function to continue running. It is mainly used in various high and low voltage switch cabinets, dry transformers, box-type substations and other related temperature applications used by the power sector.
Wiring method:
Look carefully at the three feet on the thermostat. They are replaced by two methods of English letters and numbers, namely: H (XNUMX), L (XNUMX), C (XNUMX).
H (XNUMX) is connected to the brown wire, which is the live wire of the power supply;
L (XNUMX) is connected to the gray wire, which is the live wire of the lamp;
C (XNUMX) is connected to the white wire, which is the live wire of the compressor.
Control Method:
The control methods are generally divided into two types; one is controlled by the temperature change of the object to be cooled, the steam pressure type temperature controller is mostly used, and the other is controlled by the temperature difference of the object to be cooled, the electronic temperature is mostly used Controller.
Its fuzzy control technology such as PID control, P (Proportional) proportional + I (Integral) integral + D (Differential) differential control.v
Sudden jump thermostat:
The bimetallic jump thermostat is a bimetallic plate with a fixed temperature as a heat-sensitive reaction component. When the temperature of the main part of the product rises, the heat generated is transferred to the bimetallic disc to reach the action temperature setting Quick action, the action is to open or close the contact; when the temperature drops to the reset temperature setting, the bimetallic sheet quickly returns to its original state, closing or opening the contact, to achieve the purpose of connecting or disconnecting the circuit, thereby Control circuit.
The models of various jump thermostats are collectively called KSD, and the common ones are KSDXNUMX, KSDXNUMX, etc. The thermostat is a new type of bimetallic thermostat. It is mainly used as various electric heating products with overheat protection. The fuses are used in series, and the jump thermostat is used as the first-level protection. The thermal fuse is used as a secondary protection when the sudden temperature controller loses or fails to cause the overheating of the heating element, effectively preventing the burning of the heating element and the resulting fire accident.
Liquid expansion thermostat:
It is the physical phenomenon (volume change) that the material (generally liquid) in the temperature-sensing part of the thermostat generates corresponding thermal expansion and contraction when the temperature of the controlled object changes (the volume changes). Or shrink. Using the principle of lever to drive the switch on and off to achieve the purpose of constant temperature, the liquid expansion thermostat has the characteristics of accurate temperature control, stability and reliability, small temperature difference between opening and stopping, large temperature control adjustment range, and large overload current. Liquid expansion thermostat is mainly used for temperature control occasions in home appliance industry, electric heating equipment, refrigeration industry and so on.
Pressure thermostat:
The thermostat transforms the controlled temperature change into the change of space pressure or volume through the closed temperature pocket and capillary filled with temperature-sensing medium. Automatically close the contacts to achieve the purpose of automatic temperature control. It consists of three parts: the temperature sensing part, the temperature setting body part, the micro switch that performs opening and closing, or the automatic damper. Pressure thermostat is suitable for refrigeration appliances (such as refrigerator freezer, etc.) and heaters and other occasions.
OMRON Thermostat Models
Electronic thermostat:
The electronic temperature controller (resistance type) is measured by the method of resistance temperature sensing. Generally, platinum wire, copper wire, tungsten wire, and thermistor are used as temperature measuring resistors. Most household air conditioners use thermistor type. The electronic temperature controller has the advantages of stability and small size, and is used in more and more fields.
Digital thermostat:
The digital electronic temperature controller is an accurate temperature detection controller, which can digitally control the temperature. The temperature controller generally adopts NTC thermistor or thermocouple as the temperature detection element. Its principle is: design the NTC thermistor or thermocouple into the corresponding circuit. Corresponding voltage and current changes will be generated, and then the changed voltage and current will be detected, quantified and displayed by the microcontroller, and corresponding control will be made. The digital temperature controller has the characteristics of high accuracy, good sensitivity, intuitive and easy operation.
Main function:
In most cases in Europe, the thermostat is a must-have accessory for the boiler, and the two are delivered to the user at the same time, and the equipped thermostats are mostly intelligent thermostats. In China, nearly XNUMX% of the wall-hung boilers that have been installed in operation and are ready for commissioning are not equipped with any simple or intelligent thermostats in advance. The room heating system equipped with thermostats, especially intelligent thermostats, is a very prominent and important link in the energy-saving heating integrated system.
Convenience: Automatically adjust the wall-hung boiler by setting the switch in advance or later every day, eliminating manual operation, which is most necessary for working families;
Comfortable: The room temperature is automatically adjusted at various times in the morning, midnight, and night hours to avoid the embarrassment of getting up in the morning and returning home from work after waiting for the room to heat up and get frozen
Gas saving: change the extensive water temperature control to advanced and accurate room temperature control, plus set the room temperature to operate according to the needs, and do not need to open the day and night to burn gas for heating;
Rest assured: the wall-hung boiler is forced to start when the room temperature is too low, and only a small amount of gas is needed to safely protect the room from freezing.
Service life:
The thermostat is widely used in various household appliances, such as refrigerators, water dispensers, water heaters, coffee pots, etc. The quality of the thermostat directly affects the safety, performance and life of the whole machine, which is a very critical component. Among the many technical indicators of the thermostat, life is one of the most important technical indicators for measuring thermostat products. The home appliance standard stipulates that the life of the thermostat is at least XNUMX times. Some home appliances, such as refrigerators, which control the motor-compressor thermostat, and some thermostats in the liquid-filled radiator require at least XNUMX times. The corresponding standard for household thermostats GBXNUMX-XNUMX / IECXNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX: XNUMX specifies the life test of thermostats in detail.
At first glance, Omron thermostats are really difficult to understand what this product is, or what the thermostat is for. For this relatively simple problem, I do n’t know how you will feel it is. Isn't it just waiting for me to answer it? After my relatively simple analysis, this item must also be a product closely related to physics.
For non-professionals, it is really difficult to explain this issue. Literally, everyone will easily think of Ommeter, and some other machines. In fact, this is not the case. These three Omron The words are linked together. They are a group brand. The group was founded in XNUMX by the Japanese. At the beginning of the establishment, there were only two employees. This situation was effectively obtained in the later stages To improve, their business philosophy is to respect people and create social needs. The company's philosophy is to fully respect people, so this group is very concerned about the spiritual development of employees and the development trend of society.
Now that I understand that Omron is a brand, it is not difficult to understand the combination of these six words. It represents a thermostat produced by Omron Group. What, you do n’t know yet, what kind of machine is the thermostat? Well, let me tell everyone. The thermostat is the temperature controller. He can control the temperature. This machine can use the temperature protector Transmit the temperature of the equipment used, reach the temperature controller, and then open the switch command from the temperature controller, so as to regulate and control the temperature of the equipment, and play a role in saving energy.
The application field of OMRON thermostat can now be roughly thought of as some applications of this OMRON thermostat. It is like some other precision instruments, it is placed in a less conspicuous place, or it is electricity Near the system device, it is used in various high and low voltage switchgears, dry-type transformers, box-type substations and other application areas that require temperature.
Speaking of now, you must have a basic understanding of the Omron thermostat. You have a certain understanding of what it is and some of its application areas. Omron thermostat has been widely used for its advantages.
OMRON Thermostat Models
Nowadays, temperature controllers are more and more widely used, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and boilers. The temperature controllers that are often used daily are mainly divided into mechanical and electronic types. Traditionally, they are mostly mechanical controllers, but the mechanical ones are easy to damage and not. With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic control circuits have been more widely used in daily life, because it is more convenient and equivalent to use, which has a profound impact on people's lives. However, do you all know what the working principle of the thermostat is? Do you want to see what kind of working principle can make it so magical? Let's take a look together.
The thermostat, according to the temperature change of the working environment, physically deforms inside the switch, thereby generating some special effects, a series of automatic control elements that produce on or off actions, or the working state of the electronic original at different temperatures Different principles to provide temperature data to the circuit for the circuit to collect temperature data. The thermostat is to control the temperature of the controlled object to the required temperature. This process is temperature control.
The temperature controller can be divided into:
 XNUMX. Mechanical temperature controller is divided into: vapor pressure temperature controller, liquid expansion temperature controller, gas adsorption temperature controller, metal expansion temperature controller.
The steam pressure temperature controller is divided into: aerated type, liquid-gas mixed type and liquid-filled type. The home-use air conditioner mechanical temperature controller is mainly based on this type of temperature controller.
 XNUMX. Electronic temperature controller is divided into: resistance temperature controller and thermocouple temperature controller.
Working principle of temperature controller:
XNUMX. Vapor pressure temperature controller
The action of the temperature controller bellows acts on the spring. The elastic force of the spring is controlled by the knob on the control board. The capillary tube is placed at the air inlet of the indoor air conditioner to react to the temperature of the indoor return air. When the room temperature rises to the set temperature, the gas in the capillary tube and the bellows expands, causing the bellows to extend and overcome the spring force to connect the switch contacts. At this time, the compressor runs and the system cools down to room temperature When it drops to the set temperature again, the temperature-sensitive gas shrinks, and the bellows shrinks together with the spring, and the switch is placed in the off position to cut off the compressor motor circuit. With this repeated action, the purpose of controlling the room temperature is achieved.
OMRON Thermostat Models
XNUMX. Electronic temperature controller
Electronic temperature controller (resistance type) is measured by the method of resistance temperature sensing, generally using platinum wire, copper wire, tungsten wire and semiconductor (thermistor etc.) as temperature measuring resistors, each of which has its own excellent and accurate point. The sensors of home air-conditioning temperature controllers are mostly thermistors.
 The refrigerator temperature controller is mainly composed of a feedback circuit and a comparator. When the temperature inside the box is set, the temperature inside the box will be measured with a thermistor. When it is higher than the set temperature, the power will be increased and the cooling will be strengthened, otherwise it will be reduced; .

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